Michaelangelo (1501)

A greek word for human flourishing. Attributed to Plato’s works, the word is used to describe the highest form of human well-being – a culmination of excellence, temperance, fortitude, wisdom, courage, and love.

You have heard these big words before. It all seems far too distant. They are entities that exist only in the mind. We think of our lives, and how it compares to these ideals, we stumble to fit the chaos and suffering that dwell on us, to the space of this ultimate virtue. We question ourselves if we have the knowledge and the will to become the best of ourselves.

But we can

It is the goal of the humanities and perhaps the sciences, to understand the world we live in and the world that is within.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

Pablo Picasso

There is a treasure trove of wisdom lay scattered among all human endeavours. From the music of popular culture to the writings of obscure novelists, it lies still, waiting to to be seen.

Ruminating on the products of human creativity such as art, music, science, literature, we, the creators of this blog hope to offer you a view of our journey to flourishing as we aim for the highest good that is within us.