Spring’s Little Things

Canada Geese on the tidal river

It’s been a month to the day since my last post, and then I was anticipating the onset of daylight saving time and the coming of Spring.

Now finally the happiest time of year for me is here, with the arrival of all Spring’s little things I’m observing every day, which fills my heart and lifts my spirit with joy and delight as I watch Spring unfold itself.

Spring is full of the promise of beauty, things, sights, sounds to come. What this beautiful season brings are like old friends, fragrant flowers, green grass, birds, flowering apple trees, watching seedlings grow for my garden and yes, I even welcome the bugs, and I can hardly what to hear the peepers, the bitterns and to see the soaring eagles!

Living on a tidal river, the salt marsh reveals the first sighting of the usual gaggle of Canada Geese that increase in numbers every Spring. I remember when they first came to the salt marsh, there was only a pair.

The day before I listened to the sounds of song birds I’ve not heard since last Spring, and are welcome signs.

Today I had a gang of Lady Bugs that were happily sunning themselves in the window in the mudroom. I transported a few to some of my indoor plants that I’d been having a problem with aphids, because Lady Bugs eat them and find them delicious!.

Lady Bugs in my window today

I went out and pruned my old fashioned Cotton Candy rose bush and then cleaned up my small flower bed in the front dooryard. It was hard work, but I was so happy to be outdoors diggin’ in the good earth again.

Last years’ Cotton Candy Rose

Soon it’ll be June, and it’s always marked by the Lilacs that are just starting to bloom, on my Birthday. The Lilac is one of my very favourite flowers with their intoxicating scent.

I planted my Lilac tree some years ago close to my house, so every time I go outside I smell their fragrance. The Butterflies love them too!

My Lilac tree from last year

Tomorrow I’ll plant my Sunflower seeds out front in my dooryard garden that I cleaned up today.

Last year’s Sunflowers

There are so many things to look forward to in Spring and I intend to enjoy and happily celebrate it’s arrival every single day and the warm days to come.

I look forward to the warm Summer to come, sitting and writing under the canopy of my Maple tree.

Happy Spring!

My sweet,  late,  Fluffo Flower ❤