Horses and Happiness

CEM Skyler and Koebe Egg Tempera on Wood Panel 15inx 20in 2012


I don’t think there are many little girls who don’t long and dream of having for a horse. I was no different. But it wasn’t until I became an adult until I could fulfill this dream for myself, because I came to realize I was the only one responsible for my own happiness. No person place or thing can make us happy. These can certainly add to our happiness, but ultimately happiness is an inside job, as they say.

Children seem to be inherently happy until the introduction to unmet needs become apparent and the sense of self is more developed, and then they can loose their way.

Animals intrinsically add to a child’s happiness, and I can say this from experience growing up with animals. They have continued to greatly add to my happiness.

I feel badly for those who have missed out on the unconditional love of animals growing up, or have had bad experiences with a dog that has bitten them or some other negative animal encounter.

Can Praxis , a wonderful organization that provides Equine Therapy to Vets with PTSD, and other kinds of animal therapies demonstrate the healing power of animals to effectively increase and add to an individuals happiness and healing.

The highlighted word horse will link you to a beautiful touching video of a little girl and her loving interactions with a pony.