Rick and Verda 2
Rick and Verda (Brother and Sister)

There can’t be any happiness found in the death of loved ones.

Brian and Verda
Brian and Verda (Brother and Sister)

But I know there are worse things than death. I especially think of seeing those we love suffer, is so hard to cope with and painful for everyone.

Many families, my own included, have experienced so much loss of loved ones to death and to suffering

Having lost my sweet, gentle and kind cousin yesterday, my thoughts and prayers are with her immediate family.

I can’t say I knew my cousin well, but I knew her well enough to know she was very much loved, and a bright shining sweet light. She always was quick to smile and laugh, with a very warm welcoming heart. Verda was the salt of the earth.

Her brother Freddy and I once went on a spontaneous trip to Minto New Brunswick where all my family are from. We visited with her and her husband and were of course invited to spend the night. I’ll never forget the musical fun with songs and playing guitar in the evening, lots of laughter, and the morning a hearty breakfast of deer meat  eggs, potatoes, and toast which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Verda was the kind of spirit that always made you feel like you were home when you were around her. Her arms seemed to wrap around you with her warm heart.


Meyers Family
Meyers Family Cousins
Sweet Verda

She will be very much missed and loved, always.

Rest In Peace Verda

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