Have You Ever Met Santa’s Other Brother Santa Joe?


None of us know exactly how the New Year will unfold before us. I think we all are hoping for happiness. When good things happen at the very beginning of the New Year, it can fill us with great happiness, and with hope filled expectations.

January is usually like this for me, being my AA sobriety anniversary of 22 years this time around. But yesterday was really extra special because I was not anticipating any visitors let alone someone at my door who knocked ever so softly, I hardly heard, the light taps.

When I opened the door an older white haired gentleman greeted me with a question, quickly followed by a statement. “Are you short on wood? I have a load of wood for you.” I answered with another question. ” Are you Santa? He said. ” Well I’m Santa’s other brother, Joe.”

Christmas had come and gone and so had Santa. But then I realized even more then usual that Santa, Father Christmas, and the Spirit of Christmas is always present, and so are his relatives and so is his extended family, and can be found if we only look and impart this to others any time of the year, not just a Christmas.

No one ever seems to talk about Santa’s family, but I know he has lots of brother’s and sisters, who are all doing good work year round. If you can’t find one, be one in spirit, giving happiness and hope, like Santa Joe, Santa Bob or Santa Jim.


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