With My Maker I Am One

We all know how music can change our mood from sad to happy, and we can find a great depth of comfort from certain songs when we are grieving or feeling lost.

It can also give us strength and hope for a better world that unites us in our humanity. This is what this song does for me.

Eric Bibb has got to be my absolute favourite musician, and song writer. He’s music like none other with few exceptions, can lift my spirit, give me a great hope, and affirm my faith.

I’ve listened to a lot of his music over the years, but until today, I’d not heard this jewel, With My Maker I Am One.

There has been so much talk about the refugee crisis lately in Canada. Much of it is positive, and this is what I choose to focus on, not the divisive chatter that has been happening, especially on line.

I am so happy and proud to live in a small isolated community of people that care enough about their fellow human beings, whether they be local or global neighbours. And I’m so happy to know we have received word this week, that we will be welcoming a family of refugees into our small village within the next three weeks!

After all, that’s said and done.

With my maker I am one.



I am the preacher shoutin out the news
I am the juke stomper playin the blues
I am the Holy Roller givin Jesus my cares
I am the candy man pushin my wares
I am the cowboy brandin my steers
I am the Cherokee brave on the Trail Of Tears
I am the master whip in my hand
I am the slave from a distant land
After all is said an done with my Maker I am One
I am the Okie on a dusty road
I am the banker with the tailor-made clothes
I am the hobo in a cold boxcar
I am the railroad baron with the long cigar
I am the ghetto brother bout to lose his lease
I am the landlord cuttin of the heat
I am the prisoner playin cards
I am the warden lookin out on the yard
After all is said an done with my Maker I am One
I am the doctor savin the sick
I am the junkie gravin a fix
I am the homeless child on streets so mean
I am the movie star on the silver screen
I am the champion at the finish line
I am the beggar holdin up the sign
I am the rookie tryin to make the Hall f Fame
I am the gangster fixin’ the game

when all’s said and done
with my maker
I am one

Kindness and The Circle of Courage


This past week I’ve been thinking about kindness, and a lot about something called the Circle of Courage,  which is a model of proactive and positive youth development, based on the principles of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity. These principles are the cultural wisdom of tribal peoples, and have been integrated with the developmental research findings of modern youth, and their universal growth needs, within the model.

Each principle of this ancient wisdom is intertwined. Each one responds to, and affects one another, and as a whole.

The Circle of Courage is something I learned about from Larry Bentro, as a Youth Care Worker for over twenty years, with youth at risk. He came to our agency and spoke about the book he’d co-authored, Reclaiming Youth At Risk Our Hope for the Future.

This practical wisdom was geared toward the youth I interacted with every day. It’s really a model to aspire to for living, that can be used by anyone. These principles of belonging/attachment, mastery/achievement, independence/autonomy, generosity/altruism, can directly affect our happiness and have a ripple effect in every area of our lives.

  • Belonging gives us a strong sense of having a supportive community through friends, family, and intimate building relationships.
  • Mastery provides competence and our view of failure is seen as a learning experience.
  • Independence allows for self-sufficiency, self-governance and control of self-behaviour and our lives. We take responsibility for our success or failure.
  • Generousity gives us empathy when we engage in helpful and thoughtful behaviour.
Circle of Courage

David Bowie – Just A Pilgrim Passing Through


I was very saddened to hear of David Bowie`s death this morning. He was just a pilgrim on his way passing through, like all of us..

The traveling a person does within their imagination is very powerful and can cause you to take others along the way. It can change you and the world.

This is what being an artist is about, and what an artist does. The traveling of an imagination elicits great happiness that we can share with another, if we so choose, like David Bowie did. I don`t think there are many within the world that haven`t been touched in some way by his art.

The art and creativity of David Bowie is really a world of theatre taking us right to the peaks and valleys, where we can experience every kind of emotion reflected in life.

His last video from his last Album Black Star is called Lazarus was so moving and touched me deeply, that I wanted to share it.

Have You Ever Met Santa’s Other Brother Santa Joe?


None of us know exactly how the New Year will unfold before us. I think we all are hoping for happiness. When good things happen at the very beginning of the New Year, it can fill us with great happiness, and with hope filled expectations.

January is usually like this for me, being my AA sobriety anniversary of 22 years this time around. But yesterday was really extra special because I was not anticipating any visitors let alone someone at my door who knocked ever so softly, I hardly heard, the light taps.

When I opened the door an older white haired gentleman greeted me with a question, quickly followed by a statement. “Are you short on wood? I have a load of wood for you.” I answered with another question. ” Are you Santa? He said. ” Well I’m Santa’s other brother, Joe.”

Christmas had come and gone and so had Santa. But then I realized even more then usual that Santa, Father Christmas, and the Spirit of Christmas is always present, and so are his relatives and so is his extended family, and can be found if we only look and impart this to others any time of the year, not just a Christmas.

No one ever seems to talk about Santa’s family, but I know he has lots of brother’s and sisters, who are all doing good work year round. If you can’t find one, be one in spirit, giving happiness and hope, like Santa Joe, Santa Bob or Santa Jim.