Old Faithful Dogs

Jackson – Photo – Peter Thorne

I admit I’ve mostly been mostly a cat person, but all my whole life, up until a few years back I’ve always had a dog, and loved every one of them very much and they brought my life great happiness..

I think I love dogs and cats equally, but for different reasons. There’s something so meaningful about having a dog from the time they are puppies until old age. The interview I heard today was so good today on the Current, with photographer Peter Thorne , who wrote the book Old Faithful Dogs of a Certain Age.

I will say that I make a parallel connection between older dogs, older people. and with children. We live in a society that purports and pays lip service to caring about both of these demographic groups, but in our throw away disposable society, sadly, this is not  reality as so reflected in the way we treat children and elders so very poorly..

It made me happy to see this book by Peter Thorne.


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