Getting Stuffed


George Carlin - Stuff

I’ve had a preoccupation with stuff lately, in that I’ve been ridding myself of it, and detaching from it. I’ve also heard a few things on the radio in relation to Black Friday, and here in Canada now there’s Red Thursday, or my personal favourite, Buy Nothing Day. The discussion has been revolving around why so many of us are attached to our stuff and accumulating possessions, and how it can become really problematic.

Now that I’ve  finally crossed that threshold of purging myself of the items I no longer want or need, it’s feels good to be able to laugh about what has been a long time, commonly shared problem with so many of us living in our consumer, credit rich and cash poor society,  burdened and buried under, dragging it around like an albatross around our necks.

I remember some expert regarding the extreme problem of hoarding, stating that if these things mean so much to us, why are they at a bottom of a pile, in the bottom of a drawer, or long forgotten, and never used. This made so much sense to me. We may or may not be hoarders, but the attachment we have to stuff acts on the same premise.

I think I see it as being similar to addiction. Spiritus contra spiritum is what Carl Jung called it. ” Addiction is an attempt to fill a spiritual void with a material reality. “

 This George Carlin video was played on the radio yesterday. It gave me a good laugh, as he always did, and he points out the ridiculousness of our stuff obsession. It’s good to have a sense of humour about our misery. It might even make us happy.





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