Does Doing What I Don’t Want To Do Make Me Happy?

I’ve been pushing myself hard this past month and especially this past week steadily organizing, cleaning, and purging myself of junk. Unreal experience for me because it’s something I’ve put off for not just months, but really for years..

I couldn’t seem to bring myself to getting it done, and it was easy to close the door and ignore it. But that wasn’t working for me anymore, not that it ever did, but I was feeling increasingly weighed down by knowing that I really wanted and needed to rid myself from what had become a burden in my house and more importantly in my mind. The old adage about a cluttered house is a cluttered mind. it so very true. And so some where along the line I made a decision.

I’ve known hoarders and seen the shows that feature people who are out of complete control. The families have to seek the help of professionals to provide an family intervention. I’m not a hoarder but I realize I’ve hung on to the junk, old University papers, clothes and old art that I’ve long out grown or no longer use. Well that’s when you know, it’s time to give them the old heave ho, downsize and de-clutter yourself, mind, body and soul

Junk and clutter has a way of psychologically bringing on a kind of low level depression. The more clutter, the greater the depression. I’ve cleaned out my laundry room, my basement, my bathroom, spare room, and my garage. I still have another spare room to tackle, full of art work. I decided I wasn’t going to stay where I am psychologically, so I can get somewhere else!

I’m going in the right direction I know, because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m feeling  pretty darn happy about doing what I don’t want to do!




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