I’m Done With Dung!


This might be the kind outlook on life some folks have, but I don’t think it’s a perspective that makes you happy, unless you really are a Dung Beetle, because the more shit they have, the happier they are.

Even when they confuse a seed that smells the same as dung and dig a hole to bury it,  they’re still happy.  If we think we’re happy then we must be , even if others think we’re deluded.

This reminds me of what Abraham Lincoln said.Most-folks-are-as-happy-as-they-make-up-their-minds-to-be.-Abraham-Lincoln-960x300

Cynicism, pessimism, and what I call having to eat the shit sandwiches, is all part of life. But I don’t have to allow all that to define my attitude, my outlook, or my philosophy toward life. That’s what I’d call having is a real shitty attitude, or what do you think? Is Murray right?



4 thoughts on “I’m Done With Dung!

    1. Thank you Angela for your comment.

      It takes a lot of courage for many to make that choice, because we have to reach out for help. Many either don’t or seem to be incapable of making that choice, they seem to be born this way, in that they don’t have a rigorous honesty. It’s tragic really.

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      1. I know what you mean; my father suffers from manic depression, and no matter how much he just wants to be happy, he often can’t be.. (He’s much better at the moment although a little grumpy at times!) I guess everyone has reasons to be happy or unhappy, though sometimes it’s out of their control what they feel.. (I’ve been so anxious in the past when I had every reason to be the happiest person!)


  1. I certainly empathize Angela. I’ve had many friends and family members suffer form mental illness. Paranoid schizophrenia took my first husband’s life, so I am well acquainted with being out of control. The whole family is affected.

    I myself am a recovering alcoholic with 21 years of contented sobriety that I am so very grateful for but I see many folks who never make it inside the rooms of recovery for one reason or another, and they die unhappy and alone.


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