Most of us who have experienced poverty are all too aware of the direct relationship between the sense of well being and poverty.

The old adage, ‘ Money can’t buy happiness ‘ certainly may very well be true for the wealthy, but poverty can certainly make the poor sad. Money sure can help and make all the difference in a person’s health and happiness, if they live with poverty every day. Often the poor are blamed and shamed, which contributes to an individual’s lack of self-worth, value and dis-empowerment.

This morning I learned about a pilot project involving a guaranteed living pilot project. that is about to happen in Calgary, Edmonton and in Prince Edward Island. This makes me feel hopeful.

In Canada we are a week away from a Federal election. There’s a lot of grand talk from all of the candidates about helping the middle class. I’ve heard nothing from politicians wanting to actively help the poor, or how they are going to decrease poverty. The voices I do hear, are those who have experienced poverty themselves, and are actively involved with fighting against it and the stigma attached to being on poor or on being welfare.

Wealth or poverty may not buy happiness, and ultimately we have to find it within ourselves. This does not mean that there are existing circumstances, people, places, and things that can contribute to our happiness, just as these can create sadness.

Whatever your circumstance, it’s important to maintain your sense of humour.





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