Eudaimonia – My Guardian Spirit

I love language, learning new words and life long creative learning. All of these things bring me happiness.

I learned this Greek word, eudaimonia after listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about her most recent book, Big Magic.

I have two other blogs. One I began in 2008, an exploration of living life creatively as an Artist, and the other I started in 2014 which is about Tarot, being a Tarot reader for 7 years.

The seed of intention for this blog began as a vague thought about wanting to start another blog, just for the pleasure, however I had no further clarification or focus. I left this intention on the back burner because I didn’t know what this blog would be about. That is until today. It was my eudaimonia eureka moment!

The Concise Oxford Dictionary (my fav) defines eudaimonia as being happiness, a guardian spirit. A seemingly elusive thing for many of us., this pursuit of happiness. Nonetheless, human beings spend their lives in pursuit of it, and we all have our own definitions that often change throughout our lives. Now a days I’m more interested in the happiness of pursuit. I’m more curious about questions, as opposed to answers. If I’ve had a visitation from that guardian spirit of happiness as a result, which has been my experience in the past, then wonderful!

If I were to paint a picture of eudaimonia I wonder what she would look like? If I were to choose a Tarot card that would represent for me eudaimonia, my first thought is The Sun. Then on second thought realistically, I think I would have to choose The Empress.



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